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    • Y chromosome sequences reveal a short beringian standstill, rapid expansion, and early population structure of native american founders 

      Pinotti, Thomaz; Bergström, Anders; Geppert, Maria; Bawn, Matt; Ohasi, Dominique; Shi, Wentao; Lacerda, Daniela R.; Solli, Arne; Norstedt, Jakob; Reed, Kate; Dawtry, Kim; González-Andrade, Fabricio; Paz-y-Miño, Cesar; Revollo, Susana; Cuellar, Cinthia; Jota, Marilza S.; Santos Jr., José E.; Ayub, Qasim; Kivisild, Toomas; Sandoval, José R.; Fujita, Ricardo; Xue, Yali; Roewer, Lutz; Santos, Fabrício R.; Tyler-Smith, Chris (Elsevier Ltd., 2018-12-20)
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      The Americas were the last inhabitable continents to be occupied by humans, with a growing multidisciplinary consensus for entry 15–25 thousand years ago (kya) from northeast Asia via the former Beringia land bridge [1, ...